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Shameena Am

Shameena Am

Art & Crafts Trainer

Introducing Ms. Shameena: A Visionary Craft Educator

With a remarkable 16 years of teaching experience, Ms. Shameena stands as a seasoned craft teacher, known for her expertise across a diverse spectrum of art forms. Her artistic journey encompasses a rich repertoire, including Mural Painting, Pointillism Painting, Pichwai Painting, Mandala Glass Work, Meenakari Painting, Stain Wood Mural Painting, Pot Art, Wall Art Painting, and an array of other captivating mediums.

Ms. Shameena's artistic prowess has garnered widespread recognition, earning her features in esteemed publications like Siraj Newspaper and prominent appearances on regional television news channels, most notably Time Vision News. Beyond the confines of traditional teaching, she has served as a judge for various school and college-level festivals, bringing her discerning eye to assess and appreciate emerging talents. Her works have graced prestigious exhibitions, with a notable presence at "Sneha Varnangal 2022."

As a dedicated faculty member at the Fevicryl Expert Training Course, Ms. Shameena plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of craft education. Beyond formal education, she has taken on the mantle of organizing training programs tailored for Handicraft Teachers, demonstrating her commitment to elevating the standards of craft education. Her personalized workshops for handicraft enthusiasts reflect a passion for nurturing creativity in individuals, transcending the boundaries of conventional teaching.

Ms. Shameena's approach extends beyond being a teacher; she is a guiding force, fostering a profound appreciation for art and craft. Her commitment to imparting knowledge and igniting creativity stands as a testament to her role as a transformative figure in the realm of craft education.

Learning craft can help you:

1. Creativity Boost: Encourages imagination and problem-solving.

2. Fine Motor Skills Development: Enhances hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

3. Cognitive Skills Improvement: Develop planning, execution, and attention to detail.

4. Stress Relief: Acts as a therapeutic outlet for stress reduction.

5. Self-Expression: Allows creative expression and visual communication.

6. Confidence Building: Instills a sense of achievement and mastery.

7. Cultural Awareness: Introduces diverse art forms, fostering cultural appreciation.

8. Career Exploration: Ignites interest in artistic pathways and vocational opportunities.

9. Teamwork Skills: Promotes collaboration and effective teamwork.

10. Sustainability Focus: Emphasizes eco-friendly materials and sustainable crafting practices.

Craft training offers a holistic educational experience, contributing to students' creativity, skills, and well-being.

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