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Muhammed Jubayr

Muhammed Jubayr

Ai & Microsoft Trainer

Introducing Mr. Muhammed Jubayr, a passionate advocate for sustainability and an entrepreneur committed to fostering a brighter future through innovative digital solutions. Embarking on his entrepreneurial journey in his early 20s, Mr. Jubayr has rapidly ascended the professional ladder, undertaking various senior management and executive roles skillfully.

As the Chairman and Managing Director of the AurinHubb Group of Companies, Mr. Jubayr spearheads initiatives that seamlessly blend technology with sustainability. His companies, including AurinHubb Technologies specializing in IT and software development, AurinIpsum focusing on digital marketing and website development, and AurinAura Community dedicated to promoting sustainability, embody his commitment to creating a positive impact.

His vision extends to fostering entrepreneurship through the AurinHubb Entrepreneurs Community, a platform supporting individuals on their entrepreneurial journey. Notably, all his ventures prioritize sustainability, reflecting his dedication to environmentally conscious practices.

In the AI and Microsoft course, he will share his wealth of knowledge. With expertise in digital project management, digital marketing, software prototyping, and business development, Mr. Jubayr is well-equipped to guide students on a transformative learning journey. His proficiency in Canva, Prompt Engineering, and Sales and Marketing further enriches his instructional approach.

Crucially, Mr. Muhammed Jubayr emphasizes the integral link between sustainability and artificial intelligence, envisioning a future where digital solutions play a pivotal role in building a sustainable world. Students can expect not only to delve into the intricacies of AI but also gain insights into its potential to drive positive change in the years to come.

Join Muhammed Jubayr's course to explore the intersection of sustainability and technology, led by an inspiring entrepreneur and visionary committed to shaping a future where innovation and environmental consciousness coalesce seamlessly. Learning about AI is crucial in navigating the digital landscape, and Mr. Jubayr's unique perspective and vision for a sustainable future, coupled with practical knowledge of digital solutions, will undoubtedly inspire students to grasp the transformative potential of AI in the years to come.

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