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Venture Vision Summit: A Confluence of Business Minds and Innovation

Venture Vision Summit: A Confluence of Business Minds and Innovation
Venture Vision Summit: A Confluence of Business Minds and Innovation

January 20, 2024 - Olive Training Institute, Dubai.

The Venture Vision Summit, an esteemed gathering of entrepreneurs and innovators, was held at the Olive Training Institute on January 20, starting at 5 PM. The summit brought together a diverse group of professionals to discuss the future of business and innovation, particularly focusing on the needs and challenges of expatriates.

Vision Director

Jubayr's Inaugural Address - A Vision for Entrepreneurship

The event was inaugurated by Jubayr, the executive officer of Novapex, who delivered an insightful speech emphasizing the importance of regular income sources for expatriates in their homeland. He urged the audience to think beyond traditional investments like cafes or supermarkets and to innovate unique business ideas. Jubayr's speech highlighted the potential for entrepreneurial ventures backed by government support, setting a tone of innovation and expansion for the summit.

Business in india

Naser Ponnad - Shedding Light on Governmental Support

Following Jubayr, Naser Ponnad, an acclaimed author and politician from Kerala, took the stage. He spoke candidly about the often-overlooked government allocations and the missed opportunities to prosper through these channels. Ponnad then introduced the keynote speaker, Mr. Hameed Kutty, emphasizing the importance of understanding and utilizing government resources.

Keynote Speaker Hameed Kutty - Unveiling Opportunities and Innovations

Mr. Hameed Kutty, the vision director of Unison Consultancy, Markaz Mazra, Naturopathy Projects, and Women Initiative for Social Empowerment in Kochi, delivered a comprehensive keynote speech. He shed light on various subsidy schemes available for those with land or innovative ideas, illustrating how the Government of India supports small business owners and corporations. Kutty's talk also delved into the nuances of business incorporation in India, the benefits at different stages, and the untapped potential in products like tapioca, highlighting the possibilities in industry innovation and export business. Additionally, he addressed the health concerns of expatriates living in Dubai.

Interactive Q&A Session - Addressing Diverse Industry Queries

The summit also featured an interactive Q&A session, where business owners from various sectors like clinical, food, education, and real estate industries actively participated. They posed questions to the speakers, who provided insightful answers and guidance on different business aspects.

Jubayr's Concluding Remarks - A Grateful End

The event concluded with a heartfelt thank you speech by Jubayr at 7 PM. His closing remarks encapsulated the spirit of the summit, reinforcing the importance of innovation, government support, and the entrepreneurial spirit among expatriates. The Venture Vision Summit marked a significant step towards fostering a community of forward-thinking entrepreneurs and innovators, particularly among the expatriate community.

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